Helping People Live Healthier, More Productive Lives

Trusted for nearly 60 years, Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, is a global leader in front-end design, development and manufacturing solutions for highly regulated industries — pharma, diagnostics, med tech, consumer, automotive and defense.

Operating as a single integrated partner, we help our customers reduce risk and achieve product realization quickly and efficiently. Our innovation, quality and reliability enhance the lives of millions of people around the world.

Making a Real-World Difference

Partnering with Phillips-Medisize means that our customers can reach the market faster with products that change lives. In a single year, we helped:

  • 10 million diabetes patients managed their health with at-home testing
  • 4 million people to stop smoking given the right tools
  • 2 million cardiovascular surgeries enabled with technology
  • 70 million women receive cervical cancer screenings
  • 4 million people test for COVID-19
  • 5 million people acquire affordable home appliances

Phillips-Medisize Quick Facts

  • 7.5 thousand employees worldwide
  • 36 locations in 11 countries, including 6 R&D centers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia
  • 2.5M+ square feet of manufacturing space
  • Class 7 & 8 cleanrooms and tool building sites


We were founded in 1964 in Phillips, WI, and have steadily expanded our global footprint and capabilities.


Our collaborative, customer-centric environment places a strong emphasis on efficiency, quality, speed and agility.


Our passionate, experienced team drives innovation and quality across our global organization.


See how we’re leading sustainable design and reducing waste across the product lifecycle.

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