Design for Manufacturing and Assembly are in our DNA

You know your business, know your industry, and feel the growing demands to deliver organizational efficiencies every day. You need to solve a complex situation — from the initial idea to delivering a just-right solution. And it would be best if you had them from a global team you can trust.

Our philosophy is to gather many different engineering disciplines to ensure interdisciplinary collaboration that adds value to your project. As a customer of Phillips-Medisize, you benefit from molding, tooling, assembly equipment, and cleanrooms available. Our experts around the world are ready to solve problems with you.

When engaging with organizations, we truly believe it benefits both parties to begin the relationship as early as possible. We have seen many endeavors go wrong when multiple suppliers are brought together. Their different expectations and different standards often delay deliverables, thus extending the development and manufacturing time and muddying the picture of accountability. When we are with you from the beginning, we can create a better design, develop a more desirable device, and plan our manufacturing strategy from the very beginning. All these elements will help you get a differentiated device delivered on time, at a lower cost.

Each relationship begins by understanding the goals and designing a custom solution from concept ideation to project completion.

Electronics Are a Part of Manufacturing Development

Integrating electronics is an integral part of manufacturing development. Whether it is embedded software, electronic components or subsystems, or the development of regulated apps, we cover this as a natural part of manufacturing development.

Device and Combination Products

Globally, we have the capabilities to produce both devices and combination products while still in the manufacturing development phase of your product. As a natural part of manufacturing combination products, we offer serialization. We can implement your system or save both cost and time by working with the approved system already implemented at Phillips-Medisize.

Clinical Manufacturing

Once manufacturing development is complete, the only thing standing between your product and clinical trials is the actual clinical manufacturing. Trust a consistent team to follow your product from manufacturing development through to clinical manufacturing, keeping all project knowledge where it belongs. As different clinical phases progress, we prepare your project for commercial manufacturing.

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Commercial Manufacturing

With the right people, facilities, and processes in place combined with Phillips-Medisize’s robust quality management system, all efforts will give us the ability to execute on time. Additional benefits will be delivered through an intense focus on continuous improvements to secure the best pricing throughout our engagement.

Scalable Manufacturing

With purpose-built facilities worldwide and years of experience, we can offer scalable manufacturing from low to high volumes. We decide on the ideal manufacturing structure in close collaboration with you, based on your needs and requirements.