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Our Aria smart autoinjector is a powerful, flexible, platform, designed for ease of use with a compact form and aligned to key emerging global trends:

  • Shifting of healthcare out of hospitals
  • Ready for the connected world
  • More sustainable solutions


Our Aria smart autoinjector platform has been built around four key patient and customer need

  • Small and easy-to-use for patients
  • A powerful flexible platform for pharma
  • Reducing waste brings environmental benefit
  • Ready for the connected world

A compact size and a familiar look and feel

The Aria smart autoinjector approaches the size and appearance of current market-leading disposable autoinjectors.


Simple sleeve-triggered activation and a large inspection window provide commonality to current single-use devices. Onboard electronics combines illuminated icons with rich, audible sounds to provide clear feedback to users about injection progression and completion, including any further dwell time after the plunger has stopped moving — vital to ensuring successful drug delivery.

Needle safety

As with current disposable autoinjectors, a skin interlock provides needle safety before and after injection. The cap is only released once the cassette is loaded into the device and provides extra protection against needle-stick injuries.

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Powerful yet adaptive injection

The Aria smart autoinjector uses a powerful electric motor to drive the plunger rod, allowing the device to deliver a broad range of drug formulations, from 0.2ml to 2.25ml and viscosities greater than 70cP. Unlike springs, this motor maintains full force capability throughout the entire stroke, accommodating changes in liquid properties and friction. Injection speed and profile can also be adjusted, potentially improving user comfort. Finally, the motor control also provides gentle engagement with the plunger stopper, regardless of syringe fill volume and viscosity.

Modular and flexible

Both 1ml and 2.25ml syringes can be accommodated within the same single-use cassette, assembled from a few plastic moldings. Housing the drive train and electronics in a reusable technical module, enables reuse across multiple injections, with multiple single-use cassettes. Amortizing these advanced features across the three-year life of the device can deliver very competitive pricing on a “cost per injection” basis.

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Space, waste, and distribution

The cassette, which houses the syringe and is the disposable element of our Aria smart autoinjector, is considerably smaller and uses less material than current single-use autoinjectors. The design results in less waste and less space required for transportation and storage.

Continuous improvement

A full lifecycle assessment (LCA)— considering materials of construction, manufacture, distribution, storage, use, and disposal has been completed and the results have been published. LCA will continue be used to improve the design further, taking into account more sustainable materials and also to optimize supply and distribution logistics.


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Integrated connectivity

With built-in Bluetooth communication as standard, the Aria smart autoinjector can connect to mobile phones and tablets. The connection can be used to transfer injection and device data, helping patients monitor and manage their medication. We can offer our own mobile app as a companion to the Aria smart autoinjector. The device can also connect to other mobile apps developed by our customers or third parties.

Connected Health Platforms

Phillips-Medisize played an integral role in the first FDA approval for a fully connected drug delivery device, with a regulated companion digital service.  Building upon this experience, the Aria smart autoinjector has been developed to integrate into our complete Connected Health Platform solution, allowing our customers to better understand how their drug assets are used in the real world. This system can also be linked to HCP portals, providing healthcare professionals with historical trending, comparative analysis, and real-time data to better understand and support patients taking their medication in real-world conditions.

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Flexibility at Its Core



  • Standard 10-second injection (programmable)
  • Emptying (full dose delivered)
  • Low to high viscosity
  • Audio-visual user feedback
  • Intended for users with moderate to severe dexterity impairments
  • BTLE connectivity
  • Optional RFID reading of cassette
  • Rechargeable battery, designed for 2-3-year life
  • Both 1ml and 2.25ml staked needle pre-filled syringe
  • Sleeve-triggered
  • Manual needle insertion/retraction
  • Needle safe, sleeve interlock
  • Injection time set/adjusted by user
  • Potential for partial dosing
  • Low to high viscosity
  • GUI screen and buttons for user guidance and control
  • Intended for users with moderate dexterity impairments
  • BTLE connectivity
  • Optional RFID reading of cassette
  • Rechargeable battery, designed for 3 (+) year life
  • Both 1ml and 2.25ml staked needle pre-filled syringe
  • Sleeve-triggered
  • Manual needle insertion/retraction
  • Needle safe, sleeve interlock

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