Post-Launch Services to Keep you in the Market

Drug and Reagent Handling

  • Working with customers to ensure a comprehensive range of testing services
    • Incoming laboratory testing of the drug to meet USP ID testing requirements
    • Analytical testing to customer specifications
    • Performance-based release testing of finished products
    • Approved, trusted supply chain source to support extended analytical capability and capacity needs

Cold Chain Storage

  • Maintaining drug substance and drug product integrity
    • Clinical and production scale storage and warehousing
    • High-bay, climate-controlled warehouse for cold-storage and room-temperature products
    • Freezer storage capacity for frozen active ingredients
    • Laboratory-scale cold chain capabilities for DVT testing
    • Remote monitor, alarm systems and backup power
    • Security controlled spaces if required
    • Ensuring cGMP compliance throughout the supply chain


  • Supporting traceability through the supply chain
    • End-to-end, integration-ready serialization solution with complete aggregation and interoperability, utilizing industry-leading components
    • Track and trace or Electronic Pedigree (e-pedigree)
    • Engineering support for product, assembly, and packaging with cohesive UDI/serialization elements

Packaging & Labeling

  • Ensuring regulatory adherence, cGMP compliance, operational efficiency
    • Primary product and label reconciliation
    • Semi-automatic and high-speed labeling equipment
    • Barcode verified IFU leaflets
    • Multiple language label management
    • Unique device identification (UDI), instructions for use (IFU), patient information leaflet (PIL)

Working with Phillips-Medisize is a choice to focus on reducing risk, maximizing investment dollars, and achieving launch timelines within the complexity of the drug delivery process.

Make the most significant impact on time, cost, and device differentiation with early engagement. Benefit from proven technology for innovation and development of drug delivery devices. Technology is applied to create a differentiated device for targeted therapy and patient populations. The creations range from fully operational device platforms to very targeted components.

Give your project a head start and reduce risk in development and commercialization by leveraging proven technologies by employing Phillips-Medisize. Many core building blocks pertain to drug delivery device design and are customized according to your specific technology needs.

A successful drug delivery design revolves around ease of use for patients — a critical factor in medication adherence. Create devices with patient desirability for your differentiated product.