Product realization has never been more complex. Phillips-Medisize supports today’s specialization, regulation, and digitization for fast, efficient product launch on a global scale.

For over 60 years Phillips-Medisize has helped companies develop and manufacture innovative products that help people live healthier and more productive lives. 

End-to-End design, development, and manufacturing solutions

Phillips-Medisize’s proven end-to-end design, development and manufacturing solutions are market-tuned and built around our customers’ business objectives to the ultimate benefit of millions of people around the world.

We mobilize and deploy specialized capabilities and services across life-changing, highly-regulated industries including healthcare, regulated consumer, automotive and defense.


Phillips-Medisize helps customers solve complex development and manufacturing challenges across many industries.

Our unfailing support for customers can be measured in years not just quarters.

The combined strengths of Phillips-Medisize and Molex, underpinned by the financial heft of our parent company – Koch Industries – gives us the unique ability to scale, to take calculated risks across long-term development cycles, to pivot and change course when required and to be always there and ‘always on’ for our customers and their ultimate end users.

Our end-to-end programs are individually tuned and built around the real needs of our customers and, in turn, their customers. We offer customization and optimization on a global scale and the ability to mobilize an array of comprehensive and niche capabilities—all supported by a coalition of expert teams and development sites across the world.

The breadth and depth of our expertise, and proven track record, give us the unique ability to co-create—to build franchises together—and unlock customer vision, talent and expertise alongside our own.

We understand complexity, in fact we actively embrace it. Product realization is inherently unpredictable with a multitude of challenges.

Being a single integrated provider of choice, with a long, proven track record, we understand intimately what it takes to get your product to market and how to keep it there.

In stewarding your journey to market, we innovate at speed, accelerate production cycle times, mitigate risks, and help customers navigate a multitude of global regulatory and compliance landscapes.

Our 360 view of all the issues and opportunities means we can ofter identify and solve potential barriers to success before they happen.