Connectivity and precision molding that enables your next generation medical technology

We bring over six decades of expertise working with leading medical device companies with the most advanced medical interconnects and microelectronics solutions, injection molded components, subassemblies and finished devices where performance and reliability are critical for your life-saving innovations

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We help leading medical technology providers bring next-generation devices to market faster with our high-performance, customized interconnect solutions.

Your advanced medical technologies require proven performance, quality and reliability. We can help support your latest innovations through our custom design and development expertise in:

  • High density connectors for your complex electrodes and signals
  • High speed interconnects to support your real-time data and image integration and processing needs
  • Microelectronics, flexible substrates and optical fiber technologies for advanced catheter technology
  • Custom interconnects to support high-voltage signals and processing
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Cardiovascular Disease

  • Automatic External Defibrillators
  • Cardiovascular Imaging Catheters
  • Electrophysiology Catheters
  • Structural Heart Catheters

Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Electro Surgical Instruments
  • Robotic Surgery


  • Bowel Incontinence
  • Urinary Incontinence


  • Drug Delivery Devices
  • Monitoring Devices

Medical Technology Capabilities and Offerings

Integration of capabilities from Molex, our parent company, enables us to support our customers with high performance interconnects, complex cable assemblies and fiber optic components as well contract design, development and manufacturing expertise.

  • Molex is a leading medical connector supplier and 3rd largest overall connector supplier worldwide
  • Design expertise and technical capabilities required to keep up with the evolving needs of electrophysiology systems
  • Custom designs that require a higher density of signal contacts in smaller packages
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  • Design expertise to develop custom solutions; including user interface, flexible printed circuits, flat flexible cables, silver flexible circuits and sensor solutions
  • Molex is a full-service leader in flexible circuitry, inks, substrates, materials, and assembly and packaging
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  • Specialty glass and coated fiber optic and fiber optic integration supporting medical devices
  • Custom optical fiber assemblies
  • Optical fiber/high power optical probes
  • Distal end prep
  • FBG optical fibers for sensing
  • Specialty components (e.g., connectors, ferrules) for use in medical and non-medical applications
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  • Custom interconnect and cable assemblies for medical devices
  • Built to customer specification with design input/development support
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  • Plastic, metal and magnesium injection molding with DFM and mold flow analysis
  • Advanced precision molding with cavity sensoring and monitoring
  • Up to 64 cavities per shot and 2-shot molding capabilities
  • Component handling with integrated 6-axis robots and conveyor systems
  • Device sub-assembly; manual to full-automation
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  • Component level to finished medical device
  • Built to customer specifications
  • Combination of manufactured (plastic injection molding, metal injection molding, magnesium molding) and purchased components
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Molex and Phillips Medisize: Advanced Electrical and Optical Connectivity

One of the many benefits of working with Phillips Medisize is the added value gained from our ability to integrate capabilities from Molex, our parent company. Molex is a global leader in the high-performance interconnects and complex cable assemblies essential for connected health technology. Molex capabilities, drawn from diverse industries, integrate seamlessly with Phillips Medisize expertise and include:

  • Miniaturized and packaged electronic solutions, including wearable technology
  • Plastic, metal and magnesium injection molding capabilities
  • Specialty wire and cable design enabling smaller, faster, and higher performance solutions
  • Human machine interface (HMI) design and manufacturing capabilities
  • Silica capillary tubing, specialty optical fibers, optical fiber end-prep and capillary assembly expertise
  • Quality systems compliant with global regulatory bodies including the United States, Europe, Japan, China