We design and innovate physical and digital products that transform people’s lives

Our primary focus is improving people’s lives. This can only be achieved by getting your product to market, and we are uniquely equipped to take your product from discovery to commercialization.

Envoi Pen Injector held by single hand.

What Makes Us Unique

We take a systems approach to product development. A user’s experience can be physical, digital and/or service, and it only comes to life with the perfect synergy of product, packaging, instruction and support.

We work together with our customers as one design, development and manufacturing team to deliver impactful products.

We have the right people, tools, systems and processes in place to provide industry-leading, integrated product development and commercial manufacturing.

What we do


Physical Product Design

We create products for our customers that are relevant, meaningful, easy to use, and are ready for manufacture and commercialization.

– Drug delivery – inhalers and injection devices
– Medtech – continuous glucose monitors and electrosurgical tools
– In vitro diagnostics – lateral flow tests, sample collection and lab on chip

App Design

We create intuitive apps and digital experiences that deliver meaningful value to users. Our designs help users better manage their devices, conditions, insights and adherence to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

IFU/ QRG Design

Devices are only successful and improve lives when they are used safely and as intended. We design physical and digital quick reference guides and instructions for use. These assets accompany our products and packaging to optimize the user experience and to support successful human factor’s validation.

Packaging Design

The first impression of your device isn’t the device itself, it’s the packaging. We understand how critical this experience is with helping users feel comfortable with new products.

Our team champions this often forgotten touchpoint to ensure we enhance the user experience and protect the valuable content while optimizing for commercialization.

How we do it


User Centricity

We design for patients, healthcare providers, caregivers and other stakeholders, including our customers and supply chain. We innovate for all.

Throughout projects, we continuously champion the end users leveraging a wide range of user research tools, including ethnography, in-depth interviews, heuristics, co-design, semiotics and trend analysis, to gather insights and validate designs as safe and effective for use.

Innovation Workshops

In every project, there are key milestones that require stakeholders to join together to understand the problem we are trying to solve, generate ideas and make decisions.

To facilitate these conversations, we offer a range of collaborative and innovative workshops. From early-stage innovation to design optimization, project framing to manufacturing strategy, our crafted workshops provide guidance in decision making, inject energy and creativity, help reduce risk and unite project teams.

Design Iteration Sprints

Designing the right products is a journey. We use rapid design and prototyping sprints to generate, iterate and nurture ideas and concepts.

As designs mature, we move from low-fidelity to high-fidelity prototypes, always selecting the best mediums to communicate with customers and allow us to work effectively with end users. Understanding what is right, what is wrong, and make improvements for the next design iteration.


We have experts in industrial, graphic, packaging and user experience design; mechanical, electronic and software engineering; and in social science, psychology and human factors. We leverage these different perspectives to look at problems creatively and bring world-class expertise to projects.

With innovation and development centers in North America, Europe and Asia, we leverage each location’s comparative advantage and talent.