Driving Excellence in Automotive Innovation

For over 60 years, Phillips Medisize has been a key automotive supplier to some of the most well-known automotive OEMs in the world. By combining our knowledge with Molex’s deep experience and proven capabilities, we can provide industry-leading solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the automotive market. Our end-to-end design, development, and manufacturing services allow our customers to focus on what’s most important to the automotive industry — zero defects, faster cycle times, and lowering overall costs.

person driving car with navigation system

From actuators and radio assemblies to sensors, switches, and instrument cluster components, Phillips Medisize’s expertise in the automotive market makes us a knowledgeable and trusted resource for the successful development of concepts from drawing board to assembled product.

  • Emphasis on design for manufacturing to accelerate time to market
  • Collaboration with Molex to leverage electronics expertise and integration
  • Rapid prototyping options to meet any project guideline or budget
automotive manufacturing plant

Automotive OEMs rely on Phillips Medisize’s expertise in functional molding to consolidate automotive component manufacturing and enhance product functionality and ease of assembly.

With strict adherence to lean manufacturing, the entire product development process is streamlined to improve profitability, increase customer satisfaction, and minimize lead time.

  • Over 437,700 square feet of dedicated automotive manufacturing space
  • Expertise in plastic, magnesium thixomolding, and metal injection molding streamlines component manufacturing
  • Automated assembly, testing and distribution drives superior quality and cost savings
  • Global footprint with Mexico facility strategically located in the North American supply chain

Unparalleled Quality and Execution

With extensive experience in design through manufacturing, decorating, and assembly and strict adherence to Six Sigma quality efforts corporate-wide, Phillips Medisize project teams have just one goal in mind — to meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, cost, delivery, and overall service.

  • Ability to deliver high-quality “Class A” aesthetic surfaces
  • Robust IATF/TS quality systems
  • Rigorous ISO 9001 and TS 16949 quality standards
  • Part repeatability for high-volume and high-cavitation production