Great products come from beautiful, user-centric and innovative designs that can be reliably manufactured at scale

We bring together the right people, tools, systems and processes to create industry-leading, integrated product development and commercial manufacturing.

Integrated for Every Stage of Product Realization

Successfully launching a new product requires rapid innovation, superior execution and industry-leading expertise at every stage. From concept to design through manufacturing and delivery, Phillips Medisize’s integrated approach to product development reduces risk and accelerates time to market.

At every or any stage of the product development life cycle, we give you the confidence and peace of mind to deliver high-quality products that realize exceptional outcomes.

Our approach to product development

Our product design and development process combines ​user centricity with an intentional ​design for manufacturing emphasis, with subject matter experts and facilities to live out our processes.

This approach reduces the risk to product launch and improves the probability of market success.



Meet a specific need or serve a specific purpose​


Safe and easy to understand and ​manipulate by users


Creating the right connections with users


Able to be produced economically at commercial scale and quantity

We work together as one design, development and manufacturing team to deliver products that improve people’s lives.


We design and innovate physical, digital and service products, bringing them to life with the perfect synergy of product, packaging, instruction and support.

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Product Development

We develop your product using an innovative, agile, controlled process that moves you quickly toward clinical and commercial manufacturing.

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Manufacturing Development

By integrating product and manufacturing development, we can deliver safe, effective products that can be manufactured reliably at the cost and scale you expect.

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Clinical Manufacturing

Our integrated product and manufacturing development teams, combined with our clinical manufacturing space, allow us to scale clinical manufacturing solutions without sacrificing cGMP compliance or deviating from your long-term manufacturing vision.

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