Designing the right product and designing the product right

At Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, we continually work to reduce our customers’ risks
and time to market. It takes years to develop regulated products, so we avoid unnecessary,
expensive delays by leveraging our engineering team in crucial early planning. When we
develop your product, we follow an innovative, rapid, controlled process that continuously
brings you closer to clinical or commercial manufacturing. Without this process, projects can
be subject to countless iterations and a significant lack of progress. Whether we have helped
you with the design or you have provided us with a concept to refine, we can safely take you
through development and quickly get you ready for clinical or commercial manufacturing.

Man working on parts

Taking a System’s View to Device Development

We start development by understanding user workflows and features of
value. This allows us to envision the system architecture and subsystems
necessary to deliver a meaningful user experience, while successfully
fulfilling the product’s purpose. Our rigorous design controls and
requirements management process helps us to confidently trace features,
functionality and risk to ensure that our subsystems work together

Our systems, electronics and firmware engineers work closely together to
ensure that the devices we develop are safe, compliant, functional and
have the necessary cybersecurity measures in place for users and
customers. Whether it’s a diagnostic wearable, an electromechanical
autoinjector or a Bluetooth-connected smart device, Phillips-Medisize has
the expertise and infrastructure to develop electronic devices from initial
circuit design to automated manufacturing.

Man and woman working on products

Engineering Analysis and Testing

From early design through to manufacturing, our team of mechanical
and test engineers continually use a combination of modeling, analysis,
prototyping and testing to ensure that we know how each component
interacts and the sources of manufacturing variance.

This combination of theoretical analysis and physical testing allows us
to move quickly from early concept to a commercial design that we can
verify and validate with high confidence.

Stage-Appropriate Quality Management System

Our stage-appropriate quality management system allows teams the creative space to move quickly and adapt to new discoveries, during early
stages, while ensuring compliance to regulatory standards as the project progresses.

Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly

Phillips-Medisize was born a manufacturer. Because of that, DfM and DfA are in our DNA. With our integrated team of product development and
manufacturing development engineers, we can challenge what’s possible in the manufacturing technology space. This integration allows us to be
innovative in both the product technology and manufacturing technology arena and deliver tailored solutions that can be produced for the price,
quality and volume you expect.

Manufacturing Strategy Planning

As early as possible, we create a plan describing how to go from first builds to clinical or to commercial manufacturing. It is quite granular, and the
process covers all central parts of molding, assembly, electronics and supply chain. We plan for multiple phases of development and manufacturing
at once, and we revise the strategy regularly to adapt to new customer demands or design maturity.