Planning for manufacturing from the beginning

You know your business, know your industry, and feel the growing demands to deliver
organizational efficiencies every day. You need to solve a complex situation — from the initial
idea to delivering a just-right solution. And it would be best if you had those solutions from a
global team you can trust.

Our philosophy is to gather many different engineering disciplines to ensure interdisciplinary
collaboration that adds value to your project. As a customer of Phillips Medisize, you benefit
from our molding, electronics, supply chain, assembly and drug handling, all in state-of-the-art
facilities. Our experts around the world are ready to solve problems with you.

When engaging with organizations, we truly believe it benefits both parties to begin the
relationship as early as possible. When we engage early, we can craft the product,
manufacturing and supply chain strategy together, and that grows with you. All these
elements will help you get a differentiated device delivered on time, at a lower cost.

Each relationship begins by understanding the goals and designing a custom solution from
concept ideation to project completion.

Manufacturing Development

Developing a manufacturing solution that is reliable at scale starts with learning what fixture, assembly and inspection methods are the most effective for your product requirements. Blending product and manufacturing development allows us to deliver effective products that can be produced reliably, for the cost and at the scale you expect!

Clinical Manufacturing

Trust a consistent team to follow your product from manufacturing development through to clinical manufacturing, keeping all project knowledge where it belongs. As different clinical phases progress, we prepare your project for commercial manufacturing.

Learn more about Clinical Manufacturing

Device and Combination Products

Globally, our cGMP clean room facilities allow us to provide clinical or commercial product in a region that matches your go-to-market needs. Our robust Quality Management System and culture gives you access to registered facilities for manufacturing medical devices or combination products, including drug and reagent handling.

Commercial Manufacturing

With the right people, facilities and processes in place combined with Phillips Medisize’s robust quality management system, all efforts will give us the ability to execute on time. Additional benefits will be delivered through an intense focus on operational excellence to secure the best pricing throughout our engagement.