Get to Market Faster With Less Risk and Lower Costs

At Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, we continuously work to lower our customers’ risks and time to market. It takes years to develop regulated products, so we need to plan to avoid unnecessary, expensive delays. Manufacturing development plays a crucial role in this planning. Manufacturing development can be an innovative, fast, controlled process that continuously brings you closer to clinical or commercial manufacturing. Done wrong, it leads to countless iterations and a significant lack of progress. Whether we have helped you with the design or you have provided us a concept to refine, we can safely take you through manufacturing development and get you ready quickly for clinical or commercial manufacturing.

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Manufacturing strategy planning starts early. Simply put, it is a plan describing how to go from first builds to clinical or to commercial manufacturing.

It is quite granular, and the process covers all central parts of molding, assembly, electronics, and supply chain. We plan for multiple phases of the development and manufacturing at once, but we often revise the strategy due to new customer demands or design maturity.

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Within our design centers, we have dedicated resources and space for manufacturing development.

Our philosophy is to get many different engineering disciplines under the same roof, working in project teams to ensure we get the interdisciplinary collaboration we need on your project. To help them do what they do best, we have molding, tooling, assembly equipment, and cleanrooms available. As a customer, you benefit from this setup, as we can solve problems within hours that others would typically take days to resolve.

Phase-Appropriate Quality Management System (QMS)

Usually, you will see contract manufacturers manufacturing development in production facilities with rigid QMSs and burdensome change management requirements. A setup like that can slow you down.

At Phillips-Medisize, our flexible, phase-appropriate QMS allows us to speed up the quality management part of manufacturing development. We do most of our manufacturing development in design centers that are not weighed down by the inflexibility of a production facility QMS.

We Produce Both Device and Combination Products

Globally, we have the capabilities to produce both devices and combination products while still in the manufacturing development phase of your product. This is a key differentiator if you want to go fast to market, as you ordinarily would see the manufacturing development of combination products at production facilities. As a natural part of doing combination products, we offer serialization. We can implement your system or work by the one we already have implemented and for which we have approval.

Electronics are a Part of Manufacturing Development

We integrate electronics as part of manufacturing development. Whether it be embedded software, electronic components, subsystems, or the integration of regulated apps, we cover this as a natural part of manufacturing development.

Being a part of Molex, we have global access to the most innovative and customizable electronics imaginable. We use this access as a capability in our design and development phase to improve the product’s user experience and enhance the effectiveness of the product.

Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Assembly (DfA)

Phillips-Medisize was born a manufacturer. Because of that, DfM and DfA are in our DNA. We continually monitor the product development and manufacturing processes. Doing so ensures that we only create that which we know we can manufacture and assemble. Likewise, we always have clinical/market-entry manufacturing in mind. By keeping the complete picture of your product at all times, we gain advantages, saving you time and money.