Connected Health

Our approach and solutions to connected health are based on experience.

The future of connected health: improving therapy outcomes through enabling patient data and service ecosystems.

We believe connectivity technology is the most efficient way to collect patient data and provide instructional content for patients, healthcare providers, caregivers and payers. These four stakeholder groups make up what we call the connected health ecosystem. If we are to raise patients’ medication adherence and the outcomes of their therapies, it is essential that we succeed in creating a 360-degree focus on patients, caregivers and healthcare providers and their interactions, as well as cater to the full ecosystem. To accomplish this, we need a well-functioning, reliable connected health system that embraces all aspects of digital health.

Global Leader in Connected Health

Globally, we were the first company to deliver an FDA-approved (visit FDA) connected health system to the market: a system that today supports thousands of patients in 10+ countries (read more about the connected autoinjector). In the near future, our customers will introduce multiple new connected health systems to their markets. We are not afraid to say that we consider ourselves global leaders in connected health.

What You Gain from Partnering with Us

Partnering with us on creating your connected health system enables you to collect and analyze patient data related to diagnosis and medication adherence. It also enables you to motivate and instruct patients on treatment information and administration of medication. Furthermore, you gain access to our leading connected health platform, our strong experience base and truly end-to-end services. We provide all services, capabilities and systems globally, and we comply with all relevant regulations, allowing for a shortened time to market.

Our Technology Accelerators Will Speed Your Way to Market

You do not have to take a lot of risk on your side if you want to introduce a connected health system in your market. We reuse already-proven and approved technologies to get you fast to market. Utilizing these advanced technologies also enables us to develop your product at low risk, as we will have a strong technological foundation to build on. Learn more about our connected health technology accelerators.

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