Intelligent, End-to-End Solutions for an Optimized Supply Chain

A flexible, resilient global supply chain is instrumental in bringing products to life. To help you overcome increasing uncertainty and disruption, our end-to-end supply chain network, backed by the experience and reach of Molex and Koch Industries, keeps production on track.

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Today’s digital economy demands an innovative approach to manage the entire supply chain ecosystem with minimal risk.

From origin to destination, our years of proven performance and experience provide all the intelligent digital supply chain solutions you need to optimize your entire supply chain network.  

  • Real-time connection with freight service providers
  • Data-driven network optimization capabilities
  • Better access to data for internal and external audiences
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Our advanced platforms provide the supply chain ecosystem and its customers worldwide with unique and holistic views of the complex material flow from raw material manufacturers to the delivery of end products.

By leveraging all the data across purchasing, point of sale, and inventory management, we improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your planning process.

  • Procurement intelligence platform gives easy access to data on spend per category/BU/plant location
  • Source-to-pay platform for sourcing indirect materials
  • SAP integration provides agility to respond to changing market demands effectively
  • Leveraged supply chain capabilities from Molex and Koch 
  • Sustainable, conflict-free sourcing
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Our sales and operations planning (S&OP) process brings together all the plans for your business into one integrated set of tactical scenarios.

This integrated process allows the executive team to continually achieve focus, alignment, and synchronization across the sales and operations organization to bring your product to market faster.

  • A control tower platform optimizes logistics decisions and provides complete visibility
  • Drives actionable insights to support company strategy and achieve business targets
  • Integrated demand and supply chain capabilities with SAP compatibility

Global Scale-Up

As one of the largest contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMO) in the world, Phillips-Medisize’s global footprint helps optimize every aspect of your supply chain. By leveraging Molex and Koch intelligent digital supply chain capabilities, we help customers streamline processes, mitigate risks, and sustainably deliver reliable products. We are focused on continuously improving to help you meet your evolving supply chain needs. Learn more.