Vinith Bhandari, as part of a MPhil in Therapeutic Sciences at the University of Cambridge and supported by Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, and Iain Simpson, Director Front-End Innovation, Phillips-Medisize, discuss “Assessing the Sustainability Impact of Connected Inhalers in the Treatment of Asthma. “

This article explores whether device connectivity specific to inhalers used to treat asthma can positively impact sustainability on the basis it might reduce consumption in other parts of the healthcare system. Read the article published in ONdrugDelivery.

Oct 2022 | Issue No 139 | Page 42-48

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Advanced Medical Innovation, Design and Production

The future is rich with potential for medical technology — and a better, connected patient experience is at the center of it. Improving lives by bringing more advanced care closer to home is not only possible but emerging rapidly.

For decades, Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, has been laser focused on contract design and manufacturing of products in highly regulated industries such as Pharmaceuticals, where precision, reliability and quality are critical.

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Exact Sciences and Phillips-Medisize Collaborate to Fight Colorectal Cancer

Exact Sciences, a leader in cancer testing, developed a game-changing at-home colorectal cancer kit, but needed support to build the highest quality product. With decades of manufacturing innovation for healthcare and life sciences companies, Exact Sciences found a quality-first collaborator in Phillips-Medisize.

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This article is taken from ONdrugDelivery Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Issue No # 139 Oct 2022, pages 42-48. © 2021 Frederick Furness Publishing Ltd @ONdrugDelivery