Partner With Us at Any Stage, From Front-End Innovation and Development to Manufacturing and Post Launch

What We Do

Our integrated end-to-end design, development and manufacturing service offering.

We have global end-to-end product design, development and manufacturing capabilities. Partner with us from A to Z, or any stage in between.

Front-End Innovation

The strategy for your drug delivery device or connected health solution outlines its future.

You need deep market insights if you want to take the lead and introduce a differentiated drug delivery device or connected health solution. Out front-end innovation capabilities will give you a competitive edge and market advantage.

Front-end innovation happens at the early stages of a project and on various levels depending on the need of your product and when you enter into a partnership with us. We run a flexible setup that allows you to begin at any milestone throughout the so-called “pre-project” stage and we cover all relevant phases of front-end innovation. Simply put, three points are to be covered: strategy development, technologies decisions and feasibility testing.

Design and Development

Our designs are human-centered and designed for manufacturing and assembly.

When you are designing your product, you need to make the design desirable, get it adequately documented, plan for how to manufacture it and be sure to think through every aspect of the device from the beginning. Simply put, you need the right design strategy.

Regardless of whether you have done zero designing, some of your designing, or most of it, we can help you get your product ready for all stages of manufacturing (Jump to Manufacturing development, if you already have a frozen design).

Manufacturing Development

Our dedicated resources and facilities will get you quickly through manufacturing development.

In our design centers, we have dedicated resources and facilities for manufacturing development. To you, this means we work faster and more focused to get you ready for clinical or commercial manufacturing.

At Phillips-Medisize, we continuously work to lower our customers’ risks and time to market. It takes years to develop medical applications, so we need to plan well to avoid any unnecessary, expensive delays. Manufacturing development plays a key role in this planning. Done well, manufacturing development can be an innovative, fast, controlled process continuously bringing you closer to clinical or commercial manufacturing. Done wrong, it can be a showstopper with countless iterations and a massive lack of progress.

Clinical Manufacturing

Getting ready for your clinical trials faster than ever.

Once we have completed the manufacturing development, the only thing standing between your product and clinical trials is the actual clinical manufacturing. Sound tough? Don't worry — we have it covered.

At Phillips-Medisize, we assign the same team to follow your product from manufacturing development all the way to clinical manufacturing to keep all project knowledge where it belongs. The team continues to follow the manufacturing strategy outlined in the manufacturing development, and as we go through the different clinical phases, we get you ready for commercial manufacturing.

Commercial Manufacturing

Your product: delivered on time, to the highest standards.

Going into the commercial manufacturing, you are dependent on having a partner able of delivering on time and at the agreed quality. This means you need the right people, facilities and processes to be in line. We offer all of that.

We have been involved in commercial manufacturing for more than 50 years, and we bring the best pieces together to manufacture your product. The combination of our focused people, purpose-built facilities and unparalleled processes provides the lean setup you require.

Post-Launch Services

Getting to market is the beginning, not the end.

Once your product is released to the market, you need to keep it there. Regulations are continuously changing, end-users interact with your product in different ways than intended and you might learn of ways to improve your product. We have the capabilities to support you in all post-launch activities.

Your product can be released as a device, a combination product or as part of a drug itself. Independent of the type of product you release, you will have to keep up with different regulations and make sure you have complete control of the life-cycle management.

Together with you, we will challenge and push the limits of your product to make it stand out as second to none in the market.
Chief Technology Officer Bill Welch