Medical Technology Ireland Expo and Conference 2023

Visit us at Medical Technology Ireland Expo and Conference 2023  

Phillips-Medisize has extensive experience collaborating with companies to develop drug delivery, diagnostic or medical technology devices end-to-end, from design to a final manufactured product — quickly and efficiently.  

Visit our team to explore how Phillips-Medisize can help you transform the future of healthcare with your next generation medical device. 

September 20-21 

Table #111 

Galway Racecourse, Ireland 

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Your advanced medical technologies require proven performance, quality and reliability. We can help support your latest innovations through our custom design and development expertise in: 

  • High-density connectors for your complex electrodes and signals 
  • High-speed interconnects to support your real-time data and image integration and processing needs 
  • Microelectronics, flexible substrates, and optical fiber technologies for advanced catheter technology 
  • Custom interconnects to support high-voltage signals and processing 

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