Our Commitment to Quality Inspires Improvements

At Phillips-Medisize, our goal is to create value for others. We empower every team member to hear, feel and see the quality in every action we take. By incorporating quality into the design of products and processes and predicting potential quality problems before manufacturing and delivering the product, we can create mutual benefit. The leading task of quality control involves enforcing the use of specified processes and materials, ensuring the qualification of operators and equipment, and making a series of planned measurements to determine if quality standards are being met.

Our consistent global quality management system ensures the planning, organization, direction, and control of all quality assurance activities are integrated throughout the world.

You can feel confident that our quality management systems provide:

  • Compliance with required regulations and standards
  • Consistent customer-facing documentation
  • Minimize non-value add processes
  • More efficient and accurate reporting
  • Flexibility to share resources across sites
  • Visible global continual improvement opportunities
  • Essential process training materials and support

Rely on unparalleled quality and execution to bring your idea to life.

  • Make quality the keystone of product realization
  • Depend on industry-leading program management rigor
  • Embed best-in-class manufacturing expertise into product designs from the start
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We give you confidence and peace of mind to deliver high-quality products that realize exceptional outcomes.

  • Protection for your brand reputation in sustainably delivering reliable products
  • You maintain a competitive advantage by protecting your sensitive intellectual property
  • Achieve overall lower total costs