Why do forward-thinking companies like U-Turn Audio collaborate with Phillips-Medisize? Because they get one-stop access to specialized production capabilities—combined with integrated support driven by a design for manufacturability (DFM) mindset. DFM means developing parts and products with an unwavering focus on the end result, so they can be made more efficiently at scale.

Learn how U-Turn Audio and Phillips-Medisize recently achieved note-perfect collaboration—using sophisticated magnesium thixomolding (MAG) technology to create a complex, exceptionally strong magnesium tonearm with low resonance. This insightful approach helped U-Turn Audio launch its extremely well-received audio innovation, the Orbit Theory turntable.

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The Orbit Theory Turntable: Engineered for Uncompromising Sound

  • Reduce points of resonance in the tonearm
  • Preserve low effective mass
  • Achieve a level of strength that greatly minimizes resonance during play
  • Unified armtube combines the headshell, tube and pivot housing into a single, continuous piece
  • Built from incredibly strong yet lightweight magnesium—33% lighter than aluminum, with 10 times the damping capacity
  • Complex shape created using a specialized process called magnesium thixomolding (MAG)
  • One-piece armtube greatly minimizes points of resonance
  • Preserves original recording quality, so every detail is reproduced with remarkable clarity
  • Tapered design helps prevent vibration near the stylus