Connected Health Technology Accelerators

A portfolio of connectivity capabilities.

Our technology accelerators for connected health are built on leading, proven and scalable technologies that comply with relevant data privacy and data security standards and laws. The technology accelerators are customized to your specific patients and therapy, and are not “one size fits all.”

Partnering with us on a connected health system provides you access to our extensive portfolio of connected health technology accelerators. These technology accelerators are core building blocks we use to embed connectivity capabilities into the device design, build digital interfaces and develop a compliant, therapy-specific, cloud-based data platform.

The Three Keys to a Connected Health System

To have a fully functional connected health system, there are three main elements functioning as a system: a connected device and sensors, digital interfaces for patients/caregivers/healthcare providers, and a safe, compliant cloud database platform.

The Connected Device and Sensors

We have a number of different categories of technology accelerators specially developed to support the design of connected devices. One category is our connectivity modules, including electronics as well as software, designed for secure and reliable data transfer between a device and a digital interface. Another category is sensors, also including electronics and software, capturing information about the patient’s behavior and interaction with the device as well as other devices, or drug-related information. High-reliability sensors are a key element to a connected health system, whether the sensors are part of the device or otherwise used to gather information on patient behavior and key biometrics. Our connectivity modules can be embedded into devices to allow for full connectivity. We continuously strive to lower the cost of these components to allow for connectivity in as many devices as possible, whether it be reusable or disposable devices. Our innovative electronics support the overall goal of improving outcomes and enhancing adherence. These technology accelerators can be automated dispensers, inhalation monitors, wireless charging components, RFID/NFC chips and much more. In addition to these, we also have technology accelerators for supporting the more standard elements of drug delivery — read more about these drug delivery device technology accelerators.

The Digital Interfaces

For a connected health system, you need different types of digital interfaces for the patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.

We have white-label apps that allow for fast connection to our connected health platform (further described in the section below), and we can do modified versions of these apps, supporting the exact needs of the targeted end-user, whether that be a patient or a healthcare provider.

When adding connectivity to a drug delivery device, you are no longer in the soft market of “consumer health,” and therefore it is essential that you meet current regulations. All our software and application development is regulated and run within our robust quality management systems and processes, which also support your regulatory approval of the solution. As part of our post-launch services, we support your application compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

The Compliant Platform

Our connected health platform is a fully flexible and low-cost platform, capable of meeting your needs in clinical trials and market-approved connected systems across low to high patient populations. The platform is medically regulated and also supports enterprise-wide clinical data handling. Comprehensive analytics, dashboard and reporting capabilities are built in and available. The platform can be hosted as a cloud solution through Phillips-Medisize, enabling shorter time-to-market for new systems. The platform is based on the InterSystems HealthShare platform, which also constitutes the technology foundation of leading hospital and patient journal solutions found across the globe.

Our Technology Accelerators Connect You

With our connected health technology accelerators, we, on your behalf, enable tracking of medication adherence and the collection of other patient behavior and biometric data. In addition to this, the technology accelerators help reduce risk and decrease development timelines, bringing your connected health system to market faster when compared to a “built from scratch” approach.