Accelerating Innovation With Proven Product Platforms

By utilizing product platforms offered by Phillips-Medisize, our customers can be confident that they are delivering innovative products that realize exceptional outcomes. Engage with our global team to streamline costs or access product variants purpose-built for your unique challenges. Our investment in new technologies helps us apply award-winning, rapid innovation to solve the most complex engineering challenges while keeping your business objectives at the center of our work.

smart autoinjector on table with a cup of coffee

Aria Smart Autoinjector

Phillips-Medisize developed the Aria Smart Autoinjector platform — a convenient, handheld system that consists of a reusable electro-mechanical injector and a pre-filled, disposable syringe. This ground-breaking device integrates Bluetooth connectivity to improve the patient experience while allowing healthcare professionals to provide optimal patient support.

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The New Emerging Needs Driving Autoinjector Development


Assessing the Environmental Impact of Autoinjectors

person using smart mini-tablet dispenser

Mini-tablet Dispenser

Phillips-Medisize introduced an innovative, market-ready Mini-tablet Dispenser that offers flexible, patient-friendly counting and dispensing directly from a standard primary tablet container. This device enables patient-specific dosing and reduces time and energy to administer medication across multiple patient segments.

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Mini-tablet Dispenser Fact Sheet


Innovative Design Features

When developing a new device, we put patients at the center of our designs. We think through every aspect of your device and prioritize the needs and desires of end users. This human-centered approach to design allows us to deliver products that are useful, desirable, and easy to use.

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