Advanced Medical Innovation, Design and Production

The future is rich with potential for medical technology — and a better, connected patient experience is at the center of it. Improving lives by bringing more advanced care closer to home is not only possible but emerging rapidly.

For decades, Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, has been laser focused on contract design and manufacturing of products in highly regulated industries such as MedTech, where precision, reliability and quality are critical.

Thought Leadership

Digital Drug Delivery and the Future of Pharma

Molex and Phillips-Medisize Survey

Is digital drug delivery going mainstream? In a new Molex and Phillips-Medisize survey of 215 pharma executives, nearly 90% said it’s “extremely or very important.” The survey also reveals current adoption and the perceived benefits and barriers of digital drug delivery. Use these critical insights to inform planning and decision making — and to stay ahead of this rapidly evolving, growing market.

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Realize Your Vision

Product realization is an inherently unpredictable journey through new unknowns. The challenges of bringing next-generation products to market are magnified in highly regulated industries where even the tiniest inconsistency can impact efficacy and outcomes — which affects your brand and diminishes profit. Industry-leading innovation needs industry-leading expertise and laser focus on minimizing risk. Achieve fast, high-quality healthcare product realization with Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company.

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