Drug Delivery Devices

Designing, developing and manufacturing successful drug delivery devices and combination products.

Phillips-Medisize is a contract designer, developer and manufacturer of drug delivery devices and combination products. We serve as the legal manufacturer in some customer relationships. Each year, we produce hundreds of millions of commercially successful drug delivery devices.

Design, development and commercial manufacturing of a drug delivery device, together with a digital interface for connected systems, are central factors influencing the patient experience of drug therapies. We cover all the steps, taking your drug delivery device from an idea on paper to a complex, regulated drug delivery device.

Complex Devices Require a Robust Design and Development Process

Quality, convenience and human factors take the front seat in our complex, regulated drug delivery system designs. As your design partner, we will ensure the most appropriate, commercially scalable and high-quality delivery device design for your drug. When designing, we choose the right technologies and apply usability and human-factors engineering to cover all elements of a high-performing drug delivery device.

A partnership with Phillips-Medisize is a choice to focus on reducing risk, maximizing investment dollars and achieving launch timelines within the complexity of the drug delivery process.

Proven Processes and Technologies to Accelerate Your Product

Our customers may partner with us at any stage, from early innovation and development to manufacturing, in accordance with an established product specification and manufacturing process. We can make the greatest positive impact on time, cost and device differentiation with early partnering. If we are engaged in early innovation and development for drug delivery devices, our proven technology accelerators are applied to create a differentiated device for a targeted therapy and patient population. The accelerators range from fully operational device platforms to very targeted components. They are used as customizable building blocks when developing your drug delivery device. Learn more about our drug delivery device technology accelerators.

For any entry point in the development process, our strong, phase-appropriate quality management system and 30+ years of experience in clinical and commercial manufacturing will support getting your product to market on time from our global manufacturing locations. Learn about how we handle design and development and read our case studies.

Connected Health Is Here: FDA-Approved Drug/Device Combination Products

Connected health is no longer a vision of the future. We were the first to deliver an FDA-approved connected health system to the market. The success of that system tells its own story — read more about the connected autoinjector.

Phillips-Medisize has already launched its third-generation connected health platform, and several new customers will launch a new integrated device and connected health solution in their markets, as we believe the future of drug delivery to be connected. Learn more about connected health and how we handle electronics integration.

Global Manufacturing Capabilities

We have been designing, developing and manufacturing drug delivery devices for more than 30 years. Today, at many of our 24 global facilities, we offer our customers all the manufacturing capabilities they need. We have dedicated clinical build sites, produce both drug delivery devices and combo products, and offer electronic PCBA manufacturing on a clinical scale. We have Class 7 (10,000) and Class 8 (100,000) certified clean rooms, and we comply with all relevant standards and guidelines.

Together with you, we develop a manufacturing strategy that will guide us from engineering builds to commercial manufacturing. Depending on your needs, we can manage anything from hand-assembled devices to fully automated robotics setups for the assembly of your device.

Explore our global facilities.

Legal Manufacturer

We have the opportunity to act as legal manufacturer of your device or combination product. We have described processes to handle complaints, and know from experience how to navigate the delicate act of complaint management. We have a global setup to handle monitoring, and we treat any product recall as a natural part of this. Lastly, we continually run checks on the newest operating systems and browsers to make sure your connected health system works as intended.