We can help you design, develop and manufacture commercially successful diagnostic consumables and point-of-care diagnostic products.

Our specialty within the diagnostics market is the design, development and production of complete (disposable or reusable) diagnostic devices, subassemblies and kits.

We create customized, innovative solutions for diagnostic products with a point-of-care application, laboratory application and for use by patients in the home setting, whereby utilizing our experience in electronics, microfluidics and optics. Special attention is also paid to developing packaging and addressing sterilization to meet product requirements. All our diagnostic products are designed, developed and produced according to internationally recognized quality management standards. Many of our clean room production facilities are FDA-registered Class 7 (10,000) and Class 8 (100,000). Get full overviews of our global facilities and our approach to quality.

Phillips-Medisize is a contract designer, developer and manufacturer of diagnostic consumables and point-of-care diagnostic products. We produce hundreds of millions of units each year in the following types:

  • Finished, labeled diagnostics consumables
  • Kits and point-of-care cartridges
  • Glucose meters
  • Continuous glucose monitors
  • Diagnostics for women’s health
  • Rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests
  • Diagnostic sample kits for home use
  • Brachytherapy disposables

Other Markets We Serve:

Drug Delivery Devices

Connected Health

Medical Devices