The knowledge and expertise of our people enable us to rise to your challenges.

Meet some of the highly specialized professionals on our team.

Front-End Innovation

Director – Front-End Innovation

“Front-end innovation is such an important and exhilarating area.”

Working with colleagues and clients who are committed to creating devices that not only improve patient experience, but also enhance competitive edge, is deeply rewarding. Doing this in a company that has an outstanding track record of success in taking the device from design strategy all the way through to robust, on-market, manufactured products is truly satisfying.

Whilst the patient is such a key driver, and at the core of what we do, we always go beyond this to ensure key stakeholder needs are taken into consideration, so we create a total solution. I believe this gives us the ability to support our clients’ needs in their specific therapy areas much more comprehensively. I can honestly say that it is a privilege to work for such a healthcare innovator.

Design and Development

Human-Centered Design Manager

“It’s personally rewarding when your work can impact someone’s life in a positive way.”

Our integrated product development approach simultaneously addresses the attributes of product usefulness, usability, desirability and manufacturability. Human-centered design principles and a sound DFM/DFA philosophy are deeply ingrained within our team’s culture. We intentionally combine these interdependent elements to serve the needs of our end users and make a positive impact in their lives.

When a product is delightful to use, adoption and compliance become more likely. When a device is efficient and cost-effective to produce, the process becomes more predictable, and the overall product quality improves. When risks are effectively mitigated, all stakeholders can feel satisfied, and the common expectations of quality, safety, reliability and dependability can be realized.

Empathy is a prerequisite for our job. We care about the relationships. We care about the therapy. We care about the customer. We care about all of it.

Manufacturing Development

Director – Engineering

“Improving global healthcare is also about keeping production costs low.”

Guided by Design for Assembly and Design for Manufacture principles, my teams help clients make the most of existing manufacturing technologies and plan for utilizing them best in manufacturing. Designing with manufacturing in mind enables us to know ahead of time if production will require something entirely new. Not having surprises is a comfort to me and our clients. Best practice is to have a full analysis with the newest technology, like MoldFlow or tolerance analysis, in order to simulate and understand the issues in advance, so we can build the tools accordingly.

Phillips-Medisize engages with our customers through the design development process, and then develops an appropriate manufacturing strategy. This could be low-volume, manual assembly, or it could be high-value, highly automated assembly. We engage people from our quality team and production facilities early in the process, starting with IQ, so we have a much smoother transition as it goes from design development into production.

Clinical Manufacturing

Director – GID Quality

“Regulation helps us help our clients.”

We have the privilege here at Phillips-Medisize to work with a variety of customer programs ranging from the early stages of design and development all the way through commercialization.  Throughout these stages, I help customers navigate the various regulations and regulatory requirements that promote FDA approvals, patient safety and efficacy. I am proud of being a part of the Phillips-Medisize team where we produce medical devices that have a positive impact on patients worldwide.

Commercial Manufacturing

Plant General Manager

“Service and performance second to none, regardless of your location.”

State-of-the-art production facilities, qualified colleagues running them and a proven quality management system. That is the recipe for our success. We have a global presence, which allows us to manage our engagement with our customers from different geographic perspectives. Every customer comes to us with a unique situation and requirements. Our experienced and qualified staff and processes will meet your needs, regardless of where you are located.

Post-Launch Services

Senior Director – Quality

“I enjoy the journey after launch.”

In post-launch services, my colleagues and I fully understand that your product has a life after launch. My job is to ensure the necessary quality systems are in place to keep your product legally on the market. It’s important that a quality product continues to reach your intended users, and that we address, in a timely manner, any questions or complaints they might have. Quality is at the forefront of every activity we do.

Dedicated to Your Market

Our people have deep expertise. Here are some of our experts within connected health, drug delivery systems, medical devices and diagnostics.

We are a people business, which means that a customer will be be assigned a standard team. This is because our teams do not create standard products. Therefore, we bring together the right people in order to meet the needs of our customers. We are transparent about this, so our customers can feel confident that they are getting the best team possible.

We have quality. We have sales and marketing. We have engineering. We have manufacturing. All these discipline are purposely put together as an integrated team to make sure that designing into manufacturing is a repeatable and reproducible process. What you get at one facility, globally, you can see at our other facilities as well.

Connected Health

VP – Global Front-End Innovation

“What was once a digital revolution with a few followers is now a digital everyday for many of us.”

The rapid speed at which the world is being digitized gives us many more opportunities to help patients and others in their ecosystems. Patients take medication in many contexts, so being able to provide information to them wherever they are is an important part of my job. Many patients do not take their medication properly. I believe digital technology is our greatest hope for helping people over the hurdles they have to taking their medication. Big data and cloud are just two technology-driven ways that companies can gain patient insights.

With Molex, we can effectively provide a one-stop shop with regards to both the design and the procurement through a supply chain of the electronic components in these complicated devices.

Drug Delivery Devices

VP – GID Europe

“Innovation in drug delivery devices has changed dramatically in recent years.”

Today, we include many more electronics in all kinds of drug delivery devices than have ever been seen in the past. We are tying them into the world of connected health.

The pharmaceutical industry has historically been quite hesitant to use electronics in drug delivery devices — and for many years, there has been a drive toward making mechanical devices as simple as possible. A simple mechanical device has advantages, but we also see many situations where a purely mechanical device prevents us from doing what we really need to do. For example, there are situations where we need to solve complex and difficult delivery situations due to drug formulation, or situations with devices that have complex user steps. And these devices need to be seamless, connected health solutions with which we generate reliable data for further processing. We want to add cost-effective electronics to all devices where it makes sense, both to disposable and to reusable devices. We see a lot of opportunities where we can make a better solution for the patients, a better solution for the pharma company and a better solution for society. Because by using electronics, we can make a better, safer and more user-friendly therapy.

Medical Devices

Plant General Manager

“Medical devices are exciting and challenging, with expansive variety and complexity in design development through manufacturing and delivery of finished devices.”

In the area of medical devices, I am involved in medical device projects and programs that have multiple components, embedded electronics and skillful assembly processes with controlled critical parameters. These devices are high level set assemblies, fully finished single-use products or electronic components. Designing the complex integration of components and planning how to best assemble them are important parts of my job. The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that every device has a positive impact on the health and quality of life of patients around the world.


Plant General Manager

“Clean, custom solutions for multiple contexts — a job with purpose and place.”

Working in quality management, like clean room certifications, I have an important role in the production of sterile, disposable sub-assemblies and kits for diagnostics systems. Sterilized products are important in any patient-related context, whether at point of care, in the laboratory or in the patient home.