Front-End Innovation

The strategy for your drug delivery device or connected health solution outlines its future.

You need deep market insights if you want to take the lead and introduce a differentiated drug delivery device or connected health solution. Our front-end innovation capabilities will give you a competitive edge and market advantage.

Front–end innovation happens at the early stages of a project and on various levels, depending on the needs of your product and when you enter into a partnership with us. We run a flexible setup that allows you to begin at any milestone throughout the so-called “pre-project” stage. We cover all relevant phases of front–end innovation: strategy development, technologies decisions and feasibility testing.

Strategy Development

Your product needs a development and launch strategy. The strategy must evaluate your go-to-market tactics and all the developmental aspects of the product as well as assess all risks attached to the development and launch of the product.

Technologies Decisions

If you have yet to decide on the primary technologies to utilize in your product development, you will benefit from learning about our many technology accelerators. Our technology accelerators are customizable building blocks, which you can use to develop your product. In front–end innovation, we apply the intellectual property of our technology accelerators and use these accelerators to decrease time to market as well as secure lower risks for the product we develop with you.

We develop new technology accelerators in partnership with our customers. As innovation is in our DNA, we also develop new technology accelerators on our own. These new technologies are based on our analysis of the different markets we serve. In close partnerships with our customers, we push the agenda and drive disruption by utilizing these groundbreaking technologies. Learn more about our drug delivery device technology accelerators and our connected health technology accelerators.

Feasibility Testing

Once we have developed a strategy for your product, we always recommend performing market-based feasibility and assessment testing. During feasibility testing we assess all technical issues and identify solutions for these. In addition to this front–end innovation service, we offer initial concept development, including industrial design and human factors engineering. In other words, we aim to validate the outlined product strategy to ensure your product’s success.