Commercial Manufacturing

Your product: delivered on time, to the highest standards.

Going into commercial manufacturing, you are dependent on having a partner with a robust quality management system and the ability to execute on time. This means you need the right people, facilities and processes to be in place.

Our People

Our founders believed that people make the difference. We have retained this core value and today we employ highly-skilled, experienced people throughout our organization. We put a great effort into promoting and hiring from within, with the result being that our core personnel stay longer and carry essential know-how from program to program. We are a matrix organization. This organizational form enables a lean setup where information and resources flow more freely than if we were organized in silos. We put considerable effort into having the individuals who are essential to the development and manufacturing of your product work closely together, which enhances close collaboration and knowledge sharing. They have immediate access to our global resources, should there be a need. To secure continuity from day one, you will get an appointed program manager assigned. Read more about our people.

Our Facilities

Phillips-Medisize has the global scale and purpose built commercial manufacturing operations, and we are well positioned to support our customers’ commercial requirements. At Phillips-Medisize, we employ over 5,500 people in our 2.5+ million sq. ft. (232,000 m²) of production space at 24 production locations around the globe. We have a proven track record and vast experience in complex drug delivery production lines, annually producing millions of drug delivery devices, such as injector pens, pumps and other highly complex devices.

Add in the capabilities of our parent company, Molex, with its 60+ global facilities, and you have yourself the manufacturing partner you need to succeed. Molex is a well-known electronics products manufacturer, considered a global leader in printed-circuit board assembly (PCBA) manufacturing. We believe the future of drug delivery and medical device to be connected, and having access to Molex’s global facilities enables us to accelerate our vision to help transform the diagnosis and delivery of healthcare. Read more about our global facilities.

Our Processes

At Phillips-Medisize, quality is our highest priority. We have a robust quality management system (QMS) that is adaptable to global requirements, and we take great pride in our quality policy motto: “quality and service second to none through continuous improvement.” Our high standards in quality management are your guarantee for getting your product delivered with the best quality, on-time and at a competitive price. Continually, we focus on how to make improvements to secure the best pricing throughout your engagement. Learn more about our quality and global facilities.

From Low to High Volume Globally

With our many purpose-built facilities and years of experience, we are able to offer a scalable manufacturing setup from low to high volumes globally. We decide on the ideal manufacturing setup in close collaboration with you, based on your needs and requirements.