Flexible, Accurate Dosing for Mini-tablets

In therapeutic areas such as pediatrics, oncology, and neurology, mini-tablets offer an opportunity for flexible dosing in a small, easily swallowed format.

However, for patients and caregivers, counting individual mini-tablets can be challenging. And for pharma companies, producing multiple individual doses for small patient populations can be expensive.

Phillips-Medisize introduces an innovative, market-ready Mini-tablet Dispenser that offers flexible, patient-friendly counting and dispensing directly from a standard primary tablet container.

Built-In Flexibility, Reliability and Accuracy

phillips medisize mini-tablet dispenser

Flexible Dosing

Enables patient-specific dosing for maximum benefit without adverse side effects


Reduces time and energy to administer medication and improves accuracy and adherence

Practical Design

Fits on any standard prescription bottle and can be leveraged across multiple patient segments

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A Robust, Market-Ready Solution

  • Patented and verified design
  • Ready for clinical trials and commercialization
  • Provides a cost-effective packaging solution
  • Suitable for multiple therapeutic areas
  • Existing device history file enables streamlined product registration

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