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It is all about our people

Discover how working with us will impact your day-to-day life

We believe our success is for the most part due to our people agreeing on what we stand for. When you onboard as a new employee, but also later on in your career, you will find that we gladly dedicate time and effort into building a shared understanding of who we are.

Aside from human values such as respect, dignity, and equality, we use our MBM® Code of Conduct to guide us in making better decisions, pursue safety and environmental excellence, eliminate waste, and optimize and innovate the solutions that we offer society.

Worklife balance and benefits

Benefit packages differ from country to country due to variation in cultures and regulations, but in general, we can say the following about our secondary benefits.

  • Worklife balance: our people’s work and personal life need to be in balance. Therefore, compensation packages will reflect that in the best way possible for each individual country (by paid holidays, retirement programs and healthcare coverage).
  • Training: the skillset of our people is what defines our success. That is why we dedicate a certain percentage of our annual payroll to training and development programs such as leadership programs and traineeships.
  • Social: people thrive better when they feel they belong to a socially coherent team. That is why we encourage social activities and participation in community initiatives wherever we can.
  • Equality: we are an equal opportunity employer. This means that our recruitment and selection process includes everyone, regardless of disabilities, origin or beliefs.

You can read more about how these principles translate into region-specific benefit packages on the regional pages.

What I like most about working here, is the culture. The people that work here, are really great. They are by far the most cooperative people or office environment that I have experienced ever in my professional life.
Source Glassdoor