Sr./Six Sigma Engineer

Sr./Six Sigma Engineer

  • Technical/Skilled
  • Asia

Position Overview

Phillips-Medisize, a Molex Company, is seeking a Sr./Six Sigma Engineer to Suzhou Plant, which will be responsible for facilitation and implementation of Lean & Six Sigma (LSS) activities in Suzhou PMTC operations, to ensure effective adoption of Lean and/ or Six Sigma tools, techniques, and methodology.  He/she will also co-ordinate and conduct in-house Lean and/ or Six Sigma training, coaching, and mentoring, with the objective to materialize and maximize the returns from all LSS activities.

Essential Functions

To provide training, facilitation, and coaching all Lean- and/ or Six Sigma-related project activities

To provide professional and technical support in LSS project coaching

Any other duties that are assigned as and when required or deemed necessary for Suzhou Plant

Required Qualifications

  • A basic university degree in either science or engineering
  • At least 8 years’ experience in a manufacturing environment
  • At least 2 years hands-on experience in Lean and or Six Sigma activities (both training and project levels)

Skills and Abilities

  • Good operation experience in application software such as MS Excel, and statistical software such as Minitab
  • Good communication and presentation skill
  • Good project management skill
  • Good command of English and Chinese language (both written and verbal)

To apply

Send your resume to: