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Innovation Leadership: Drug Delivery Devices and Connected Health
Title Description Link
Designing Connected Health Systems to Improve Adherence and Deliver ROI Adopting a holistic and proven approach to Connected Health will help companies improve the patient adherence. PDF (750K)
Connectivity Opens the Door to Innovation and Opportunity Outlining the need for connectivity in the future of healthcare and detailing Phillips-Medisize's third-generation Connected Health platform technology PDF (1.4MB)
Connected Health Services and Smart Device Solutions How the rise of smart device solutions and connected health services enable analysis of real-life user data, which can differentiate drugs to meet demand in specific micro-segments PDF (0.5MB)
What’s the Outcome? Drug Delivery Device Design and Outcome-based therapy PDF (0.1MB)
SMART THINKING - Drug Delivery Connectivity Beyond the Smartphone The challenges and opportunities in drug delivery connectivity that arise when incorporating modern technologies with patient requirements PDF (3.1MB)
Connected Health and Drug Delivery Device Design Interview with Niel Williams, Head of Connected Health at Phillips-Medisize, about trends and demands driving the connectivity of drug delivery systems. PDF (3.4MB)
The Promise of Connected Healthcare (And Why It's Proving Hard to Get There) The opportunities and challenges for Connected Healthcare in light of emerging trends PDF (3MB)
Critical Considerations in Choosing High Viscosity/High Volume Drug Delivery Devices An outline of systems for High Viscosity/High Volume drug delivery and what to consider when choosing one PDF (2.3MB)
Fast-To-Market Large Volume Injector for Self-Administration Learn more about, how an electronic, connected device can be the ideal solution in some cases. PDF (1.8MB) 
Smoke Signals Phillips-Medisize has used its expertise for a nicotine therapy spray device PDF (11.3MB)
From Vial to Wearable Injector Our innovative solution to challenges inherent in the vial and syringe format: a flexible, wearable patch pump, which can accept a simple glass vial and provide a fully automated injection system PDF (1.5MB)
Patient-Centric Reusable Injected Delivery Solutions Offer Multiple Benefits Bjørn Knud Andersen, Director, Front-End Innovation, and Head of Technology Accelerators and IPR, Phillips-Medisize, discusses the advantages of developing customised, reusable delivery devices in order to achieve patient-centricity. PDF (0.6MB)
Advanced Inhaled Insulin Delivery In this exclusive interview with ONdrugDelivery Magazine, Bill Welch and John Patton discuss inhaled insulin, connectivity and their two companies’ close partnership. PDF (1.9MB)
Truly End-To-End Services and Capabilities
Title Description Link
All in the Delivery An outline of device development for pharmaceutical and biological combo products PDF (0.7MB)
Systems Engineering for Complex Portable Medical Device Development Systems engineering and application to development of complex portable medical devices PDF (0.7MB)
3 Regulatory Guidelines for Navigating China’s Drug Delivery and Medical Device Markets Increase your likelihood for first-pass success and increased speed-to-market in China PDF (0.8MB)
Scalable Automation for Drug Delivery Devices The importance of a comprehensive assembly concept and often overlooked DFA and DFAA guidelines for drug delivery devices PDF (0.9MB)
Best Practices in Medical Design and Molding Reducing development costs and timelines by applying design-for-manufacturing rules early in the development process PDF (1.4MB)
Leading the Way The anatomy of a successful contract manufacturing organization for diagnostics consumables PDF (0.9MB)
Brain Waves How strategic development of drug delivery devices boosts the pharmaceutical industry's R&D productivity PDF (2.3MB)
Bringing Metal Parts to Life with Complex Geometry and Precision Tolerances OEMs achieve complexity, precision, strength – and savings – with Metal Injection Molding (MIM) PDF (1.3MB)
Conference Presentations
Title Description Link
The Universe of Pre-filled Syringes & Injection Devices Bjørn Knud Anderen's presentation at PDA 2017 PDF (2.3MB)
Using Device Strategy to Drive R&D Productivity Bill Welch's presentation at DDP 2017 PDF (6.7MB)
Realizing the Benefits of Connected Health in Respiratory Drug Delivery Bill Welch's presentation at RDD 2017 PDF (5.5MB)
Connected Healthcare Bill Welch's presentation at DDP 2018 PDF (12.5MB)
Using Electronic Injectors to Broaden Drug Formulation Options Kevin Deane's presentation at PODD 2017 PDF (1.5MB)