Key Topic: Technology Accelerators

In a regulated industry, the best way to be innovative is rarely to reinvent the wheel.

Instead, you need to focus on taking the best of proven, existing technologies. We can show you how to do that.

Technology Accelerators Give You an Advantage

Our technology accelerators are proven technologies that have been approved for their intended use. By bringing these technologies together in a unique way in your device design, we help you create a differentiated device. Not only will it meet the needs of your drug and its primary container, it will also have a high ease-of-use for patients, thus increasing their medication adherence and thereby gaining more recommendations from healthcare providers.

When you create a drug delivery device, everything begins and ends with your drug, its formulation and its primary container. Depending on the different requirements you have for a device, you will be able to pick from a range of different technology accelerators. A standard device will not be able to meet a sufficient amount of your requirements 99 out of 100 times. Therefore, the best decision is to develop a new, differentiated device.

Producing everything from scratch entails a lot of risks connected to development and commercialization processes, as you will have to face and handle a lot of unknown and unforeseen challenges. Thankfully, there is an alternative way.

At Phillips-Medisize, we have a multitude of already proven and approved technologies — we call these our technology accelerators. These accelerators range from fully operational device platforms to very targeted components. In our design and development work, we use these already proven technologies as customizable building blocks in the creation of new drug delivery devices and connected health solutions. The technology accelerators enable us to speed up the time to market, work at low risk and meet more requirements than most standard devices are capable of doing. This way, we lower the risk of introducing a device that is either very vulnerable to getting copied, or merely a “me too” version of an already existing solution in the market.

In general, our technology accelerators belong in two categories: drug delivery device technology accelerators and connected health technology accelerators.

Drug Delivery Device Technology Accelerators

Our range of technology accelerators covers all types of infusion, injection or inhalation devices. Using these building blocks and an overall human-centered design, we help you create a differentiated drug delivery device. And while we are global leaders in customizing already proven technologies in early stages innovation, we are also successful technology inventors. We can help you create new technologies based on our analysis of market needs. Click on the link to get the full overview of our drug delivery device technology accelerators.

Connected Health Technology Accelerators

Our connected health technology accelerators are based on leading, proven, scalable technologies. They comply with data privacy and security standards and laws. They cover all elements needed for a connected health system, whether involving the connected device and high-reliability sensors and digital interfaces for end-users. Some of them are connectivity modules, either electronic or software that can be embedded into devices to allow for full connectivity. Others are innovative electronics and software enabling automation of dispensing, inhalation monitoring, wireless charging, RFID/NFC chips and more.

On top of all the minor, independent parts, we offer a comprehensive connected health platform. It is a pre-approved, fully flexible and low-cost platform that supports enterprise-wide clinical data handling. The platform comes with a white-label app that allows for fast connection to the connected health platform. The platform is based on the InterSystems HealthShare platform, and thus utilizes the same technology foundation of many leading hospital and patient journal solutions found across the globe. Follow the link to learn more about our connected health technology accelerators.

Technologies You Can Trust

You will gain many benefits from utilizing our technology accelerators. Simply put, they are proven technologies that have been approved for their intended use, they will lower the risk of your product and they will shorten time to market. What is not to like? Reach out if you want to learn more.

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