Key Topic: Innovation Leadership

At Phillips-Medisize, we strive to take innovation leadership in the markets we serve.

We work hard to get a deep understanding of a market's needs. We identify technology gaps within the same market because we believe innovation grows at the intersection of market needs and emerging technologies. By being innovative we help our customers get better products to market, more quickly and with a higher degree of confidence.

Public media often present innovation as a magical thing. It may be to some, but to us, this is not the case. Innovation is real, and we actively plan for it to take place. In collaboration with our customers, we want to transform the diagnosis and delivery of healthcare. We believe the only way of doing this is to show real changes in the real world. We could talk for hours about our processes and perspectives on innovation, but what matters is the innovation we put ‘out there,’ in the world. One significant area for innovation and its leadership is connected health.

Defining the Future of Connected Health

If we were to describe the future of healthcare with one word, it would be connectivity. We were the first company to get a connected health product to market. We have seen how the establishment of a digital ecosystem around a drug-device combination product can change a market’s understanding of a therapy (see, for example the connected autoinjector).

We believe connected health is going to play an ever-increasing role in drug delivery over the coming years, thus enabling the increase of better patient experiences, supporting precision medicine and showing the way for outcome-based payment. Therefore, having experts from Phillips-Medisize, formerly Medicom, and Molex join forces have enabled our powerful medical capabilities within electronics, software, high-volume molding and assembly, and data analytics. With all these experts under one roof, we are prepared to lead the way for the future of connected health. In addition to this configuration, we are investing heavily in the best technologies to ensure our connected health platform remains the leading platform it is today.

Enabling Connectivity in Disposable Devices

We believe most drug delivery devices will benefit from being part of a connected health system. For that reason, we pursue all opportunities for lowering the cost of adding connectivity modules to drug delivery devices. Currently, we are developing ultra low-cost connectivity modules to enable connectivity in high volume disposable inhalators and injectors. In many therapies, you often see these disposable devices being a central part of the standard of care. It is easy for the patients to administer these disposable devices. If you want to add connectivity to the devices, you have to be smart about it. Introducing a reusable module or component, as some have tried, as an add-on to the disposable devices appears to be the wrong way to add connectivity. Patients find it annoying to handle this extra part in the administration of an already time-consuming disease. The only proper way to add connectivity seems to be to embed ultra low cost disposable, electronics solutions in these devices.

Proven Technologies Lead the Way

As a customer, you do not want to take all the risk of developing new technologies and putting them to market. We understand that, and that is why we develop key technologies to solve some of the most significant challenges facing drug delivery and connected health. We call these technologies our technology accelerators. In short, our technology accelerators are technical platforms, subsystems, modules and components that serve as customizable building blocks in the creation of new drug delivery devices and connected health solutions. Our technology accelerators have been tested and approved for their intended use, so you can freely choose from these different technologies when you design your new device.

Some of our newest technologies include reusable autoinjectors, which provide an alternative to single-use delivery devices as well as a range of different devices to deliver challenging medicine formulations — from lyophilized drugs in vials and cartridges to highly viscous formulations to variable dosing that supports titration and weight/age based medication. Learn more about our technology accelerators.

Innovation Never Sleeps

At Phillips-Medisize, we have been innovating the industry of drug delivery for more than 20 years. We feel confident saying that innovation is no longer a manner of working, but a manner of being. Our strong track record, within drug delivery devices and connected health, speaks for itself. We continue to drive innovation leadership in all projects as a means of pushing the boundaries of the products we develop.

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