Key Topic: End-to-End Services

Our integrated services enable you to go fast to market, at low risk.

Great products arise from beautiful, innovative designs that can be manufactured reliably and at scale. We have put the right people, systems and processes together to allow for truly end-to-end development.

At first glance, it seems like a manageable task to take a drug, create a delivery device for it and put it on the market. But once you dive into the details of it, you will quickly see that the process of getting to market is full of obstacles, pitfalls, and decisive moments.

At Phillips-Medisize, we believe the best way to avoid these obstacles and pitfalls is to work with a truly end-to-end approach to innovation, development, and manufacturing when developing your product. Of course, you can enter a partnership with us at any of the different stages of your product’s development journey. But once we have partnered up with you, we work with a truly end-to-end approach to innovation, development and manufacturing. This means that we, at all times, pay attention to decisions and the consequences they might have for your product further down the road. This approach gives you three major benefits as our customer: low risk, fast to market and no handovers.

Low Risk

We have integrated our different development and manufacturing services. They overlap many times in a product development project. The overlaps enable us to lower risks, as we can foresee future challenges and proactively handle these. When we design, we design for manufacturability and assembly, and we never freeze a design without having a strategy that outlines how we are to manufacture the design.

In addition to this, we run the same, innovative quality management system (QMS) across all our services, which allows us to adapt quickly to unforeseen challenges. The QMS is set up in stage appropriate variants, giving us maximum flexibility and minimum time consumption within each stage.

Read more about our approach to program and risk management.

Fast to Market

By having our services overlap, we cut down a significant amount of the total time spent on the full development process since we spent less time within each stage of a project. In other words, our integrated services setup puts your product faster to market.

Furthermore, we work with a range of already proven technologies, called our technology accelerators. These technologies enable us to build new, differentiated drug delivery devices in a short time. As they already have been approved for their intended use, the technologies not only help us go faster to market, they also let us go there at low risk. Our technology accelerators come in two categories: drug delivery device technology accelerators and connected health technology accelerators.

No Handovers

However you see it, a handover always comes with a considerable amount of risk attached to it. Even in a world of regulations and standards, you will often see different interpretations and assumptions being put in to play. Therefore, you can easily find yourself in the situation of having to settle disagreements between manufacturing engineers and product designers from different suppliers. This is not a position you would want to be in when the clock is ticking, and you have to get your product to market.

When we are entrusted with the end-to-end development, you do not have to witness these disagreements, let alone mediate them. We handle them naturally in our integrated services setup. When a difficult trade-off is required between design intent and manufacturing efficiency, we address it and present you with the best solution. Having the overall responsibility, we have no other interest than to serve you best.

Learn more about our integrated services and what we do.

We Are One Out of Few

When it comes to true end-to-end capabilities at a global scale, we are confident to announce that we are one of a few to offer this globally. On most projects, we can cut 12-18 months of the expected development time, and often we find ways to cut off even more time. Reach out to hear more about how we achieve this.

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