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Metal Materials

Metal is a chemical element that is a good conductor of both electricity and heat. Used in a wide range of industries, metal has been a material of choice for demanding parts that require high strength, durability, and high cavity to cavity repeatability.

Metal Injection Molding

Metal injection molding (MIM) services from Phillips-Medisize make it possible to manufacture a variety of metals into small, highly complex geometries without machining. 

Metal Properties

Combine metal materials and metal injection molding (MIM), and you get these benefits: 

  • High strength
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Small, highly complex geometries
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Complex geometries without machining
  • Reduction of overall part size and weight
  • Ability to consolidate multiple components in a single design
  • Early design involvement results in reduction of part count and assembly time
  • Low to extremely high volume capabilities can be served cost effectively


Magnesium is a chemical element that is an alkaline earth metal. Used in a wide range of industries, magnesium has been a material of choice for manufacturing durable, lightweight parts. 

Magnesium injection molding, also known as magnesium thixomolding, services from Phillips-Medisize can give you better performance without sacrificing strength. Products made with magnesium are also environmentally friendly, 100-percent recyclable, and beneficial in conserving energy and helping meet CAFÉ requirements. 

Magnesium Properties

Combine magnesium material and magnesium injection molding (thixomolding), and you get these benefits: 

  • Superb quality and strength
  • Light weight
  • High repeatability
  • Dimensional precision
  • Design flexibility
  • Heat Transfer and EMI/RFI Shielding


Bringing Metal to Life Case Study
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Making Strides with Magnesium Injection Molding - Case Study
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