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With 19 production facilities world-wide, Phillips-Medisize Corporation employs over 3,400 people. Phillips-Medisize is dedicated to meeting the needs and contributing to the growth of all individuals. As an organization, we are committed to providing equal employment and advancement to all qualified persons.

One of the foundations Phillips-Medisize is built on is treating people with respect and dignity as an individual – striving to understand, believe, and practice that all people are important.

Below are the current employment opportunities with Phillips-Medisize. Select a position for a detailed description and information to apply. 

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Date Job Title Job Type Job Requisition # Geographic Region State/Country City
12/19/14 Manufacturing Engineer Engineering P10470 US Wisconsin Hudson
12/18/14 Drug Logistics & Material Specialist Skilled/Technical POS6458 US Wisconsin Menomonie
12/18/14 Quality Team Leader Management POS7414 US Wisconsin Menomonie
12/18/14 Manufacturing Engineer Technician Engineering P10525 US Wisconsin Hudson
12/18/14 Maintenance Technician - 3rd shift Engineering P10505 US Wisconsin Medford
12/18/14 Maintenance Technician - 2nd shift Engineering P10506 US Wisconsin Medford
12/18/14 Mold Technician Skilled/Technical POS6412 US Wisconsin Phillips
12/17/14 Laatuteknikko / Tuotannon laatutukihenkilö Quality n/a Europe Finland Kontiolahti
12/16/14 Summer Intern - Manufacturing Engineer Engineering P10510 US Wisconsin New Richmond
12/16/14 Summer Intern - Quality Engineer Engineering P10509 US Wisconsin New Richmond
12/16/14 Summer Intern - Project Engineer Engineering P10511 US Wisconsin New Richmond
12/15/14 Project Engineer Engineering P9961 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
12/15/14 Automation Technician Skilled/Technical P10513 US Wisconsin Menomonie
12/15/14 Material Handler Skilled/Technical POS1732 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
12/9/14 Strategic Demand and Operations Planner Management P10247 US Wisconsin Hudson
12/9/14 Tooling Engineer Engineering POS2029 US Wisconsin Phillips
12/8/14 Manufacturing Engineer - NEW GRAD Engineering P10414 US Wisconsin TBD
12/7/14 Manager Design & Development Center Europe Engineering n/a Europe The Netherlands Hillegom
12/3/14 Maintenance Technician - 12 hour rotating nights shift (5pm-5am) Skilled/Technical POS7302 US Wisconsin Menomonie
12/3/14 Project Engineer - NEW GRAD Engineering P10477 US Wisconsin
Eau Claire
New Richmond
12/3/14 Quality Engineer -NEW GRAD Engineering P10475 US Wisconsin
Eau Claire
New Richmond
12/3/14 Mechanical Engineer in Training Engineering P10474 US Wisconsin To Be Determined
12/3/14 Automation Engineer - NEW GRAD Engineering P10479 US Wisconsin
Eau Claire
12/3/14 Quality/Validation Engineer - NEW GRAD Engineering P10476 US Wisconsin Menomonie
12/2/14 Director, Corporate Development Management P10494 US Wisconsin Hudson
12/2/14 Plant Manager Management POS6141 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
12/2/14 Operators/Plastic Operators/Production Workers Other Staffing Agency info below US WI
Eau Claire
New Richmond
11/24/14 Executive Assistant Administrative POS1519 US Wisconsin Hudson
11/24/14 Supervisor Productie Engineering n/a Europe The Netherlands Hillegom
11/24/14 Engineering Administration & Project Managent Support Engineering n/a Europe The Netherlands Hillegom
11/21/14 Maintenance Technician - 12 hour rotating nights shift (6pm-6am) Skilled/Technical P9308 US Wisconsin Menomonie
11/20/14 Cost Accountant Finance/Accounting P9697 US Wisconsin Menomonie
11/20/14 Tax Manager Finance/Accounting P10471 US Wisconsin Hudson
11/19/14 Mold Technicians (4 positions available) Skilled/Technical P10465, P10466, P10467, P10468 US Wisconsin Medford
11/19/14 Purchasing Agent Other POS3044 US Wisconsin Menomonie
11/19/14 Manufacturing Engineer Engineering P10210 US Wisconsin Hudson
11/18/14 Quality Engineer Quality P9059 US Wisconsin Medford
11/18/14 Manufacturing Engineering Intern Engineering P9947 US Wisconsin Menomonie
11/18/14 Tool Repair and Maintenance Manager Management P10462 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
11/18/14 Quality Specialist Quality Position-1949 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
11/17/14 Mold Technician - 3rd shift Skilled/Technical POS2488 US Wisconsin Phillips
11/14/14 Tooling Engineer Engineering POS2181 US Wisconsin Menomonie
11/12/14 Quality Engineer Engineering P9766 US Wisconsin Menomonie
11/12/14 Production Supervisor- 12 hour rotating night shift (7pm-7am) Management P10090 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
11/10/14 Maintenance Technician - 12 hour rotating nights shift (5pm-5am) Skilled/Technical P8827 US Wisconsin Menomonie
11/9/14 Vice President, Global Quality Systems and Regulatory Compliance Management P10436 US
Mountain View
11/7/14 Mold Technician - 12 hour rotating day shift (5am-5pm) Skilled/Technical POS1764 US Wisconsin Menomonie
11/6/14 LSR Molding Production Supervisor Management P10431 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
11/4/14 Mistr - Shift Leader Other 125 Europe Czech Republic Trhové Sviny
10/30/14 Assistant Corporate Controller Finance/Accounting P10050 US Wisconsin Hudson
10/30/14 Process Engineer Injection Molding CZ Engineering 124 Europe Czech Republic Trhové Sviny
10/29/14 Production Supervisor - 12 hour rotating day shift (6:30am-7pm) Management POS1079 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
10/29/14 Design Assurance Engineers/Project Managers Engineering n/a Europe
The Netherlands
Czech Republic
Trhové Sviny
10/29/14 Senior Design Engineer Engineering n/a Europe The Netherlands Hillegom
10/28/14 Quality Engineer Engineering P10416 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
10/27/14 Quality Manager Quality MX01 North America Mexico
10/24/14 Production Supervisor - 12 hour rotating night shift (5pm-5am) Management P8861 US Wisconsin Phillips
10/24/14 Automation Engineers - Assembly & Packaging Engineering n/a Europe
10/21/14 Validation Engineers 2 positions based in NL / 1 in FI Engineering n/a Europe
The Netherlands
10/20/14 Metrology Engineer Engineering n/a Europe The Netherlands Hillegom
10/14/14 IQMS Implementation Specialist Other P10380 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
10/14/14 Sample Technician Skilled/Technical P10357 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
10/14/14 System Specialist Other P10262 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
10/8/14 Business Development Manager Management P10360
10/6/14 Quality Technician Lead - 12 hour rotating nights shift (5pm-5am) Quality P9426 US Wisconsin Menomonie
10/1/14 Quality Systems Coordinator Quality P10349 US Wisconsin Hudson
10/1/14 Quality Technician - 2nd shift Quality P10348 US Wisconsin Hudson
9/26/14 Quality Technician Skilled/Technical P8675 US Wisconsin Menomonie
9/23/14 Pre-Production Build Technician Skilled/Technical P10339 US Wisconsin Hudson
9/18/14 Senior Manufacturing Engineer Engineering P10332 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
9/16/14 Pre-Production Project Managers (multiple locations) Engineering n/a Europe
Czech Republic
Trhove' Sviny
9/12/14 Quality Engineer Engineering P9983 US Wisconsin Phillips
9/10/14 Validation (Quality/Manufacturing) Engineer Engineering P10175 US Wisconsin
9/10/14 Senior Process Engineer Engineering POS6531 US Wisconsin Menomonie
9/8/14 Business Development Manager - MIM/MAG Management P10148
9/8/14 Electronics Design Project Manager Management P10099 US Wisconsin Hudson
9/4/14 Technical Sourcing Specialist Other P10025 US Wisconsin Hudson
9/4/14 Program Manager Engineering P10287 US Wisconsin Hudson
9/3/14 Tooling Engineer Engineering P10274 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
8/7/14 Finishing Technician - Secondary Ops Skilled/Technical POS5787 US Wisconsin New Richmond
7/30/14 Maintenance Technician Skilled/Technical POS3446 US Wisconsin Phillips
7/28/14 Mold Repairer - Weekend Nights (7pm-7am) Skilled/Technical P10178 US Wisconsin Eau Claire
7/23/14 Senior Manufacturing Engineer Engineering P9201 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/16/14 Senior Manager - Program Management Organization Management P10165 US Wisconsin Hudson
7/15/14 Mold Technician - 12 hour rotating nights shift (5pm-5am) Skilled/Technical P8694 US Wisconsin Menomonie
7/7/14 Production Support Specialist - 2nd shift Skilled/Technical POS5057 US Wisconsin Phillips
6/27/14 Manufacturing Engineer Engineering P10033 US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/27/14 Senior Project Engineer Engineering P10146 US Wisconsin New Richmond
6/26/14 Maintenance Technician Engineering P10036 US Wisconsin Phillips
4/16/14 Design Quality Engineer Engineering P8850 US Wisconsin Hudson
4/2/14 Automation Specialist Skilled/Technical P10037 US Wisconsin Phillips
3/14/14 Metrologist - 3rd shift Skilled/Technical P9979 US Wisconsin Phillips

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